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Current Vacancies: AFL Support Worker

Make a difference to the lives of the people we support, join us as an AFL Support Worker and develop a career in Learning Disability Services in South East London.

What does an AFL Support Worker do?

Access For Living Support Workers are responsible for delivering comprehensive daily living support service to individuals with a wide range of learning disabilities, as outlined in their Person Centred Plan. A Support Worker may in some instances be appointed as a ‘Keyworker’, becoming responsible for coordinating the service of a specific individual and ensuring the staff team are aware of the objectives for that person.

What is Person Centered Planning?

A Person Centred Plan is a support plan that reflects the needs and aspirations of an individual, that will help that person be as independent as possible and lead a meaningful and valued life. The plan is developed with the individual service user and, where appropriate, in close consultation with all the people that are important in the person’s life. Its purpose is to ensure the needs and wishes of the individual service user are recognised and adhered to. We believe that all service users should receive an effective, customised service and we actively encourage them to take as much control of their lives as possible. It is the responsibility of all AFL support workers to ensure that Person Centred Plans are followed and developed to meet any changing needs.

What kind of training & career development can I expect at AFL?

Access for Living believe that training and development is essential to ensure the best possible service for the people we support and the ongoing development of staff. We put significant resources into training and development to enable staff to become skilled, motivated and effective support workers. All new employees benefit from a comprehensive two-week induction covering all the areas necessary to complete a Care Certificate. Ongoing career development and training is also provided including specific training aimed at meeting the needs of the individual service users. Once confident and established within the role you may be offered the opportunity to study for a qualification under the Qualification Credit Framework (previously NVQ).

What responsibilities would I have as an AFL Support Worker?


To support individuals to develop and maintain positive relationships with the people who are important to them e.g. family and friends and help people to develop new meaningful relationships of their choice.


To support individuals to develop and maintain a home of their own, where they are involved in all aspects of daily life, including domestic chores, shopping, budgeting and preparation of meals. At times, support staff may need to carry out these tasks for people to enable them to have a comfortable home in which their privacy, dignity and choices are respected.


To ensure people have support when they need it in all aspects of their personal care, in a way that respects their dignity and feelings.


The people we support should have the same opportunity as everyone to contribute to their community in paid or voluntary employment. Support staff work with individuals wanting work to access meaningful employment and help maintain that employment.



Ensuring that the people we support have the same choices and opportunity to participate in meaningful leisure activities that are available to everyone.

A significant part of being a support worker is helping people to develop the skills they need to live their lives as independently as possible and add to their self-esteem. Everyone we support and employ has the right to reach their full potential.

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